Inaugural Speech at MTHR Global Event

Alok Kumar At  MTHR

Alok Kumar was the Guest of Honor & keynote speaker at MTHR Global event on 22nd Nov 14 which was conducted in association with Vivekanand Education Society (VESIM) at Mumbai University Kalina Campus.

Alok spoke on the topic of “Leadership & business transformation” in front of more than 200 audiences. Taking from his own experiences where his journey from personal transformation to a business leader who has created various benchmarks in corporate excellence through transformation thinking and a highly positive attitude.

Speaking on the topic, he stressed upon three key traits of a transformational leader. The first one being a person who can work with a team, motivating them and giving each member of the team a sense of purpose in whatever they are embarking upon. His example of a soldier who fights to win the battle even knowing the risk the act brings to his own life without any lure of benefits to himself. The only thing which plays in his mind is the pride of his unit and the safety of his colleagues. While on the other hand, poor leaders end up negotiating at every end with personal benefits playing higher importance than the team’s goal.

The second trait of a transformation leader is in being someone who does not believe in any limitations imposed due to the mental boundaries created by the ecosystem. He cited the epic of Ramayana where even Lord Hanuman had to be told several times by sages that he has the ability to fly, but his mental boundaries did not give him strength unless he finally attempted to fly and he did.

The third trait of a transformational leader is in being a go getter himself who leads by example and involves at every stage of transformation himself.

He cited interesting case studies and true life stories to emphasise on his points which was well received by the audiences.

His own examples on how he negotiated a with a tough union leader in helping him implement computerisation in a factory from a stage where he was threatened with dire consequences to a success story. Finally, he took the audience to a standing ovation when he spoke about the true story of how he created success in his organisation and won so many national and international awards.

Alok Kumar

Alok Kumar is Managing Partner of SRKay Consulting group, a private equity company, nurturing innovative ventures. Alok also serves on the board of ICCL (Indian Clearing Corporation Limited - A subsidiary of BSE- Bombay Stock Exchange) as an external advisor for technology and information security. Prior to this, Alok had been Managing Director of Sears IT & Management Services India Private Limited (SHI) since its inception in December 2009 and served in the same position till very recently. Having been in senior IT management positions in Fortune 500 companies, Alok has won several national and international awards. Alok is instrumental in planning and setting up SHI and thereafter growing it to a multi-locational thousand-plus people organization. Over the last five years, with his strategic vision, Alok helped SHI grow roots in India, develop and support technology applications and infrastructure across core mainframe, cutting edge e-Commerce and big data technologies. With his unique people-oriented transformational leadership style, Alok turned SHI into one of the most valued investments of Sears, garnering great ROIs, and creating value much beyond cost arbitrage. Under his tutelage, SHI has filed two patents and is recognized widely for its best practices in various areas, the latter, currently featured in Indian Institute of Management (IIM) case studies. SHI also became a CMMI Level 3, PCMM Level 3, and ISO 20000 certified organization. Alok is a widely acclaimed corporate leader in India today. He regularly participates and leads various forums as a keynote speaker and is an author of several books in different genres. Alok has several awards to his credit. He is particularly known in the industry for his people management skills and innovative ideas in improving the productivity of employees through unique people practices. He has been credited with the following industry awards: ¬ Emerging Leader of the Year award 2013 by ¬ Game Changer CEO of the Year 2013 (SHRM) ¬ CIO 100 - The Bold CIOs - 2008 (Reliance Infosolutions) ¬ CIO - Ones to Watch Award 2008 (Reliance Industries) ¬ Extended Manager Award - CIOL 2004 (Tata Teleservices) As an able leader of SHI, Alok got SHI recognized widely in the industry with the following several awards: ¬ CII Award for HR Best Practices in 2014 ¬ Global Excellence in Outsourcing Award - AIOP (Phoenix 2013) ¬ IT Innovation Award (Design & Engineering) - Computer Society of India 2012 ¬ Golden Company of the Year - Economic Times 2011-12 ¬ 7th Employer Branding Awards - World HRD Congress (Mumbai, India) 2013: • ‘Asia’s Best Employer’ Award • ‘Best HR Strategy’ in line with business • HR Leadership Award • Talent Management Award by Bloomberg TV India ¬ Employer Branding Awards - World HRD Congress (Singapore, Asia) 2013: • 7th rank in ‘Asia’s Best Employer’ award • Award for ‘Best HR Strategy’ in line with the business • HR Leadership Award Other recognitions: Alok had served on the distinguished panel of NASSCOM's GIC (Global In-house Centers) National Council members. The council members play a key role in major initiatives of the industry and include the torch bearers of IT industry as panel members. Books and Papers: Alok is an established author, with three books to his credit. Alok’s third and latest book, a novel, “The Spy from Unaula” is a 2015 publication. A handwriting analysis enthusiast, Alok collaborated with his wife Nandani on the book, “Handwriting Speaks” in 2006. “Value Sourcing – Future of IT Outsourcing” was co-authored with Keith Sherwell (currently CIO, Altice USA) and was released in 2013. Alok also researched and published two whitepapers: a. “Creating next generation captives” talks about the best practices that are helping generate higher value from the IT company captives.

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    Can we have the video of the speech please?

  2. Alok Kumar says:

    We would be able to release the video soon over all my social media handles

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