About Alok Kumar

Alok Kumar is an IT industry veteran with twenty seven years of experience in setting IT companies and running them profitably. He is a serial entrepreneur who started several ventures and currently is a Partner with a private equity and acceleration firm SRKay Consulting Group  Alok has has won several national and international awards for his achievements over the years.

His detailed work on startup success and invention of an algorithm ‘SCIKEY MindMatch’ has been widely acclaimed in startup world. He was invited to United Nations (UNCTAD) in Geneva to showcase his success with startup ecosystem and the innovation that his company brings to achieve higher success rates. 

Before starting SRKay, Alok was Managing Director of Sears India that he started from scratch to a thousand plus IT company based out of Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chicago before leaving for his entrepreneurial journey. SRKay Consulting group within two years established its offices in UK, Finland, USA, Malaysia apart from India. His two ventures that his company has accelerated have been rated as success models for startup companies. ScrumStart and SCIKEY have been growing very fast ever since their market launch while many other new ventures are in pipeline in his PE and acceleration firm. 


World Investment Forum – Geneva 26th October 2018

Speaking on Women Entrepreneurship, Alok also presented award to one of the women Entreprenuer from India at the event. His research paper on Startup Success Index was also unveiled in the conference in front of participants from more than thirty nationalities.