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SRKay bets big on Innovation

History keeps telling us about the changes that are coming in future. However, most of us prefer to remain happy and complacent under the shroud of ignorance and blame everyone around us when the...

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The Pareto Principle of life

I studied Pareto principle in my early years of college. That time, I did not take it as seriously as much as I did later in my life. The principle published in a paper...

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Will someone bet on you?

This new year once again comes with many new hopes and many new dreams. However, like always, it is not the new year that brings you success, but we ourselves. It is very interesting to...

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History repeats itself

I am passionate about history. I like reading and knowing more and more I can at every given opportunity to know history. I clearly remember that I hated the subject of ‘History’ when I...

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What after the bell curve?

Moving out of an established system is easier said than done. Many companies who have embarked upon the journey of making their people practices different have started with abolishing the bell curve. However, such...

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Spy from Unaula –Interrogation

While penning my book ‘Spy from Unaula’ I have touched upon the ways war prisoners were interrogated. While there are conventions and agreements that govern this part of prisoner’s of war popularly known as...